Need help with classical film technology (in the Czech Republic)? Are you interested in what people do with film (in the Czech Republic)? Any questions? Feel free to contact us at info[at]kinoaparat[dot]cz. We do speak English.

Kinoaparát.cz is a website focusing on film as a specific means of expression. Whether understood as the socalled classical, analogue, photochemical, or celluloid, film as film is entering a new era. The age of ubiquity of film stock and film projection is declining, the access possibilities diminishing rapidly. The entertainment and consumer industries are finishing the process of digitalization of the whole cinematographic chain. This situation currently afflicts a number of filmmakers and spectators to whom film technology represents an authentic form of artistic expression with its own, marked aesthetics, creative methods and ways of thinking about the moving image.

The project strives to protect, spread and develop knowledge about the art and technology of classical film. It aspires to enable the cooperation of artists, curators, academics and relevant institutions. Kinoaparát.cz should serve this part of the professional public as a communication platform and knowledge base. It is also designed to serve the wider public as an initial point of contact with film and its craft. Apart from a discussion and contact infrastructure, Kinoaparát.cz further offers a database of relevant technical manuals and theoretical texts together with an event schedule and an up-to-date professional newsfeed.

Taking into account how disconnected the scene is at present, this first stage of the project, supported from the funds of the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU), may be understood rather as an open bid towards all those who are concerned with film and who care for it. For the future, other modes of operation are also conceivable, depending on those potentially interested in the issue – possibilities include,
for instance, creating a civic association, organizing cultural events and courses or cooperating with cultural institutions on a more official basis. The website Kinoaparát.cz will get online and running in early October and the project will be introduced to the general public in a projection session in the Ponrepo cinema.

September, 2012, Prague